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17.09.2019 11:10:23
17.09.2019 11:04:39
no reply dont care only sells keys that cannot be used
17.09.2019 11:04:08
scammer fake game account and keys
17.09.2019 11:03:47
can any admin remove this scammer?
selling fake keys and game
17.09.2019 11:03:19
scammer selling fake keys
17.09.2019 11:02:59
no reply from him after you chat and ask about the keys issus
17.09.2019 11:02:31
fake keys
17.09.2019 11:02:15
17.09.2019 11:02:02
i have spoken to him when he online but he just go offline after seeing the issus with keys
17.09.2019 11:01:26
very bad no customer service and selling fake keys
17.09.2019 11:01:02
scammer sells fake keys
17.09.2019 11:00:41
all i want is answer and no reply and care
17.09.2019 10:59:48
scammer selling fake keys
dont even want to replace or answer back
17.09.2019 10:59:11
the keys is not working and no reply for days
17.09.2019 10:58:39
selling fake keys
17.09.2019 10:58:08
when he go online you chat with him he will not reply and go offline very bad customer service
17.09.2019 10:57:29
very baD NO reply dont care
selling fake keys?
17.09.2019 10:56:38
ya all keys i buy is not working
17.09.2019 10:55:52
the keys is not working at all not a legit keys
17.09.2019 10:54:52
fake all the fake keys and no reply no exchange of CDKEYS i bought