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19.03.2019 5:14:46
account not working, no response from seller need a replacement of gta v
18.03.2019 20:29:44
yo bro got the account, changed to my details and now hes got it back, please help.
18.03.2019 2:14:52
my email and password got changed
17.03.2019 17:33:16
Amazing seller helped me alot
17.03.2019 12:20:11
Аккаунт заменён со скоростью Флэша!!!
16.03.2019 18:48:01
bought account, login info was wrong, sent video proof he requires, hopefully he will fix. he responded, and now he is calling me a liar, when I provided his video proof? do not buy from this seller, he is not honest. I will be complaining to plati market and paypal.
13.03.2019 9:35:01
11.03.2019 21:47:19
Wrong email or password
11.03.2019 21:38:22
it´s good
11.03.2019 21:07:58
it´s good
11.03.2019 21:03:35
everything okay
11.03.2019 15:25:07
i bought an account from this seller,when i got the account i changed it to my password and email, after a week or so the accounts password and email got changed, and now i cant sign in to the account
10.03.2019 23:25:54
He gave replacement but account rank 0((
10.03.2019 3:02:38
Всё хорошо.
10.03.2019 2:40:48
Everything was fine.
Thank you for the game.
10.03.2019 2:02:01
You changed the data. and you dont reply. when are you going to give me access and give me my account back?
09.03.2019 21:00:25
everything was alright
09.03.2019 19:28:11
2 times change my account. Fuck you
09.03.2019 13:54:05
Сделали замену . Продавец, молодец
09.03.2019 4:38:18
A good saller, everything is changable the mail, the password, the name everything. Good saller I would buy from him in the futer. VERY RECOMENDED