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After payment you will instantly receive a key to activate the game Colin McRae: DIRT 3 in Steam system and enable all network functions of the game.

The game has no territorial restrictions - REGION FREE and is suitable for activation in any country.

The game has no territorial restrictions - REGION FREE and is suitable for activation in any country.

Languages: English, Russian, and others.

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Colin McRae: DIRT 3 - Continuation of the cult virtual Rally DiRT. On this day, the third part of the series taxied at the start, and for computer and console racers will happen long-awaited holiday. Be brave singers gas pedal and steering bagels, happiness is coming!

Recall that DiRT 3 will be the largest in the history of the game series. The game will be a wide variety of cars, tracks, tournaments and championships. Players are waiting for more than 100 routes that prolyagut on in Monaco, Norway, Aspen, Africa. Among the declared stands out Outbreak, Cat ´n´ Mouse, Goldrush and Transporter.

In Outbreak Colin McRae: DIRT 3 machine player is suddenly infected with a virus, then the only thing he decides to do for fun - is to infect others. Commercials salochki to drift car, only cruelty-free in the spirit of Carmageddon, ie without the walking dead on the court. That leads the player, will show a green label on the windshield.

In Invasion Colin McRae: DIRT 3 for the glory of the same fun player will save the Earth from invasion killer robots. Villains, however, cardboard, exactly like all the decorations in the form of skyscrapers. The task - to crush the robbers, without hurting the building. The latter mode Colin McRae: DIRT 3 - Transporter - is a battle for the flag, which appears each time in different parts of the scene.

MediaSoft - 12 years! Quality time-tested!

Colin McRae DIRT 3 Complete Edition - Steam Region Free

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