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The structure of the publication GTA Complete Pack includes the following games:
Included items (5):
Grand Theft Auto III,
Grand Theft Auto IV,
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City,
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


Become the owner of the full, grand collection of games Grand Theft Auto, which includes all of the legendary crime saga from Rockstar Games, as well as amendments thereto.

In Grand Theft Auto III you will find a fully three-dimensional metropolis of Liberty City. Climb out of the bottom, becoming the king of the criminal world: do the hundreds of exciting missions, participate in races or have a bloody chaos in the streets of the city! In this game, the freedom of action is limited only by your imagination.

Feel the romance of the 80s cult game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Bright scenery, beaches and beautiful girl, delightful music and expensive sports cars - is not this a paradise for the mafia? Even more options, more chases and fierce firefights. This world is beautiful, but for a place under the sun, you have to fight.

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is at your feet is not a single city, and the whole staff! Conquer spaces of one of the biggest games from Rockstar, unleash a full-fledged war on gangs, seduce beautiful women, or overflights of ownership on their own plane. Large scale - more opportunities.

Grand Theft Auto IV will take you back to Liberty City, where power is still owned by criminal gangs and corrupt officials. Put together your own state, decide the fate of the characters and perform tasks bystanders. Game world, realistic model of driving - all this in the new part of GTA.

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City includes two new campaigns with very different characters. Become a biker and return former greatness of your gang or visit the most expensive night clubs in Liberty City. Dramatic stories contrast with the most extreme missions in the history of the series. The world is waiting for you.
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