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DiRT Showdown, in contrast to the previous parts of the series, dedicated to sports car racing, invites players to take part in an extremely dynamic and unpredictable race for survival - a pretty tough show, an integral part of which is the destruction of any obstacles, spectacular stunts, unusual maneuvers and, of course, spectacular accident.
Game DiRT Showdown is focused on multiplayer. No doubt even the most discerning fans of virtual racing will appreciate a wide range of modes, a variety of social functions, perfect workmanship.
One of the star drivers in DiRT Showdown - a world-renowned entrepreneur and ekstremal Ken Block.


• To drive differently. More than a dozen modes for multiplayer competitions - command and the principle of "every man for himself", as well as for playing on a split screen.
• There is no bad weather. Show the audience that you and your iron horse capable of a lot, despite the vagaries of weather. Let the snow, rain, fog, ice, give sharpness main dish - a spectacular victory.
• Likhachev-trick makers. Demonstrate a remarkable driving skills on the freestyle arena, performing a truly fantastic tricks.
• Nervous not to look. Use the Crashback, to record their major accident. It is not excluded that it will help you avoid embarrassing missteps in the future. But the most spectacular maneuvers and clashes publish to YouTube, without leaving the game.
• World Tour. Raced around the world - from Miami to London from San Francisco to Tokyo.
• Race with obstacles. Without any hesitation smash any interference on the way to victory - whether rivals, building or structure - and enjoy the effect produced.
• Stay in touch. Call friends to the competition Showdown Challenges for the laurels of the best riders, even if you are not online - just leaving them an invitation
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