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DiRT Rally - a new game in a series of popular racing projects, offering a ride off-road. The project proposes to check the patience and ability to squeeze out of the car maximum on complex corners, realizing that every mistake can become fatal in the final standings. DiRT Rally offers detailed options for customizing the car, and the damage system, combined with limited time allocated for repairs, makes it even more important to treat your iron horse during the races.


• Seventeen modern and classic cars in six classes. Including the BMW M3 Evo; Audi Quattro S1; Lancia Delta HF Integrale and Subaru Impreza.

• 36 routes laid along Hafren (Wales), Monte Carlo (Monaco) and Argolida (Greece).

• Management of the team. Hire technicians and mechanics who will service your car between races.

• Asynchronous multiplayer. Daily, weekly and monthly compete with players from all over the world without the need for a one-time finding on the net.

• Seasons. Take part in a series of competitions to improve your rankings.

• Customizable races. Any car and any route is at your service! Customize the race at will and compete against artificial intelligence.

• Improvements. Completely open the potential of the machine will help to choose a variety of improvements in handling and power.

• Tuning. Carefully prepare for the race, taking into account the data about your car, the upcoming track, the expected weather conditions and your own style of driving.

• Auxiliary systems. Cars in DiRT Rally exactly match their existing prototypes, which means that during the race you can use various auxiliary systems - for example, traction control system or anti-lock system.

• Damage and repair. The game recreates a realistic and multifaceted system of damage and wear of cars. To carry out timely repairs, it is necessary to hire engineers who will service the car between breaks.
10.04.2020 2:23:28
Игра пришла, все хорошо
09.04.2020 2:01:17
Ключ рабочий, насчёт бонуса неизвестно.
01.04.2020 14:20:16
Активировался без проблем.
25.03.2020 14:58:04
спс хочю подарок
27.02.2020 18:31:12
Все норм))) жду подарка)
01.02.2020 17:17:34
все круто
25.01.2020 22:10:48
Все пришло сразу же( жду подарок)
17.01.2020 14:05:30
Ключ активировал. Спасибо продавцу, не обманул!
11.01.2020 11:15:13
Спасибо, хочу подарок
10.01.2020 0:02:26
Спасибо за игрушку, жду подарок.
Товар действительно тот, который я покупал.
Надеюсь этот отзыв внушит кому-нибудь доверие этому продавану.
13.12.2019 20:44:56
Ключ активировал, покупал 11.12, активировал на 2 дня позже, так что продавец вроде честный, одни и те же ключи не продает.
Цена супер за такую игру! Рекомендую продавца.
Жду подарок)
10.12.2019 19:32:16
Все получил,продавец топ )
10.12.2019 2:16:25
Все супер, спасибо, игру получил.
09.12.2019 12:58:57
Лучший продавец
14.11.2019 17:37:28
Все ок жду подарок
03.11.2019 18:23:58
Спасибо ключ пришел. Хочу бонус
03.11.2019 15:56:54
ключ активировал, жду бонус
02.11.2019 23:05:51
29.10.2019 22:27:20
все круто! хочу бонус
29.10.2019 20:21:53
Спасибо ключ пришел. Хочу бонус

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