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You buy the official game key GRAND THEFT AUTO V. After the first purchase, you will get a discount on all subsequent purchases of our products.

You will receive the game key Immediately after payment in the window that will open after the payment has been made, as well as a link to the page with the key will be sent to your email address specified during the purchase.

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Activation: Rockstar Launcher
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Platform: PC
Language: Russian (subtitles), English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish
Region: Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries



Game features:

• Grand Theft Auto V for PC allows players to explore the famous world of Los Santos and Blaine County at resolutions up to 4k and higher at 60 frames per second.

• The game offers many computer-unique settings, including more than 25 individual parameters to adjust the quality of textures, shaders, tessellation, anti-aliasing and more, as well as support and customization of keyboard and mouse controls. Additional features include a city population slider that controls traffic and pedestrian traffic, dual and triple monitor support, 3D support, and plug-and-play gamepads.

• Grand Theft Auto V also includes Grand Theft Auto Online - a dynamic multiplayer mode in the Grand Theft Auto universe, where up to 30 people can play at a time in each session. All previously released Rockstar content is available in Grand Theft Auto Online. Make a career in the underworld and become the chief of a criminal empire, trading in smuggling, or organize a motorcycle club and terrify the streets of the city; carry out a series of daring robberies or take part in stunt races; Challenge other players in Adversary Mode, or create your own in-game content and share it with the Grand Theft Auto community.

• In Grand Theft Auto V for PC, the Rockstar Editor appears for the first time - a set of powerful creative tools for quickly and easily recording, editing and publishing videos shot in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

GIFT - STEAM game and getting it:

- One of the three buyers in a random order, who left positive feedback after purchasing the game, can receive an activation key for the gift game. Which one you will find out after receiving the key.
- To receive a gift, you must leave a positive review and add a request to receive a gift to it (Keys are sent out approximately within 48 hours from the moment of writing the review).
- The gift will be received by one of the three who wish, and not absolutely everyone.
- After writing a positive review, you automatically agree to the above conditions.

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How to start playing GTA 5:

- If you do not have the Rockstar Games launcher installed, download and install it
- Log into your account or register a new one if you do not already have one.
- In the launcher, select the "Redeem Code" item in the drop-down menu, or activate the code on the official website.
- Enter the activation key that you received after payment.
- Download the game using the launcher from the "Library" section.
28.04.2021 18:00:36
Моментальное получение, самая дешевая цена
19.04.2021 17:20:29
19.04.2021 17:11:50
Все отлично, большое спасибо
15.04.2021 15:20:00
Все супер, активировал игру, хочу подарок)
20.03.2021 13:49:24
брал 08.05.2019 забыл написать отзыв
10.03.2021 11:46:38
Все пришло, все отлично, хочу подарок
09.03.2021 11:33:50
отличная покупка. все в сроки. просьба получить подарок
08.03.2021 13:16:57
продавец топ
07.03.2021 23:24:36
Ваще,топ сразу пришло,всё подходит!!
06.03.2021 23:01:06
Спасибо, ключ сработал. Хотелось бы подарок, для друга.
06.03.2021 21:53:21
всё отлично, код активировался
Жду подарок !
24.02.2021 18:20:11
Ключ активировался, игра в список добавилась! Идеально!!!
Спасибо Большое! Жду подарок))
22.02.2021 13:31:36
Все хорошо, все пришло, отличный подарок на 23 февраля, спасибо вам за предоставленное качество обслуживания. Жду подарка если повезет!
19.02.2021 3:16:26
Все супер! Спасибо! Хочу подарок)
18.02.2021 18:47:34
Получил ключ для активации в клиенте Рокстара, всё завелось и сейчас жду установки игры. Продавцу зачот!
11.02.2021 20:30:45 хочу подарок все пришло
10.02.2021 16:45:32
все прошло отлично хочу подарок тоже
04.02.2021 21:26:22
Все быстро и качественно
29.01.2021 15:08:49
23.01.2021 13:12:06
Спасибо.код активироавлся)очень рад)хотел бы получить подарок)

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