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This Extra Character Pack for 100% Orange Juice adds 2 new playable characters from developer Orange_Juice´s games - Saki and Kyousuke, as well as announcer and character voices for them!

Character Pack includes:
Kyousuke from ´QP shooting - Dangerous!!´ (Voice: Imai Fumiya)
Saki from ´Suguri´ (Voice: Nukui Yuka)
New, unique Hyper Cards for both characters to bring chaos to the battlefield with!
New music tracks play as Saki & Kyousuke´s themes

Both of the new characters are designed by Orange_Juice’s original staff for the game’s English Steam release, with character and hyper card art by Hono.
Activation Instructions:

1. You need to download and install Steam
2. Go to your account or register a new one.
3. Go to the "My Games" and select "Activate via Steam ...", and enter the key received after payment.
4. Once activated, the game will appear in the game list (Library) and you can download it
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