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Activation: Russia + CIS. Steam The game has been deleted from Steam, so you can only activate it with this key.

“Order of War. Challenge "- an independent multi-player addition to the popular strategy" Order of War. Exemption "from, the best developer at KRI 2009. It does not require the installation of the original version of the game and will bring new dynamics to the battles on the fronts of World War II. Six advanced game modes, twelve unique maps, hundreds of fighters and units of armored vehicles - you have not seen a similar scale of hostilities!

“Order of War. Challenge ”is a fast-paced gameplay, exclusive bonuses, a real discovery in the world of online strategies. Thanks to the improved capabilities and advanced combat system, the game will allow you to apply various tactics and skills worthy of a real commander. The added “fog of war” will help in this - now you can implement completely new tactical schemes and show your abilities in battle with the best strategists from around the world.

Product Features:

12 unique maps - reflect a realistic picture of battles in urban environments and on rough terrain
6 new multiplayer game modes - prove that you deserve to be the best commander in any conditions
Troops and equipment of the USSR, Germany, USA - pick up your troops, taking into account their strengths and weaknesses
4 missions for the joint passage - fight side by side with the best strategists and show that you have no equal on the battlefield
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