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⭕READ HERE⭕ Only new Discord subscribers can get 3 months of Nitro! If you were a Nitro, Nitro Classic subscriber (buyer) in the past, or have had boosts, you nocan apply the code, but you can share it with a friend!

For all problem(White screen, unknown gift code) just contact seller to solve this! so dont left negative response before contact seller.💗

To activate, you need to add a payment method to Discord. (Don´t forget to cancel auto-payment on Discord after activation)

⭕You must not have an active Nitro subscription to activate Discord Nitro✅If for some reason you are unable to activate Discord Nitro on your own, write to the seller in the section "Correspondence with the seller"

📆The link must be redeemed by April 26, 2022

✨For positive feedback you can get 6% cashback (gift certificate)/attention
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